interview to Brandon Flowers

interview to Brandon Flowers
In search of what would you organize the competition of short movie screenplays with proposal to shot one video?

In what context would you mention interesting professional facts about you in a movie about a beautiful woman?

What would you say after event if an extremely famous filmmaker would have proposed you to watch a movie of a standard duration about just two ideas, an increadibly beautiful woman who loves cactuses?

What invitations on the international exhibitions would describe your music career, probably its technical aspects and scenography?

Where do your search really actual information for your career?

How many time in a year do you pay to describing your stage costumes and their elements on paper?

How do you order your stage costumes, how many technical details are described in a document?

What would you do, would you organize the exhibition of placats and posters or you would publish a book on their design?

Your music decorates a lot of movies, how many filmmakers proposed you a role in a movie in this connection?

How modern filmmakers propose to play a role in a movie in your part of the world today? What are the sequences of proposals, the places, the scenes? Could any film director shot a movie about this procedure?

What do you think about different terms that describe music?

Have you read about illustrative qualities of music if not how do you think how many years later the first book about this will be published?

What words describing music are the most beautiful in your view?

How do you think, does your music illustrate the movies?

Does your music resemble in this sence a book?

December 8, 2018

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