interview about botanical garden

interview about botanical garden"
How in your view the breakfast in botanical garden would appear?

How the song about flowers should look?

How the movie about flowers should look since your point of view?

How the small cake about flowers with big amounth of cream in your botanical garden could look?

How the small cake from flowers could look?

How the recipe of the small cake from flowers could look?

What would be the fabule of the detective novel about flowers since point of view of your different employees?

Do you provide international grants or international competitions, for example, the house at the edge of botanical garden for a screenwriter, a scenographer, an architect, a sculptor or a painter for a year?

Do you have the collection of favorite illustrations about flowers, could you mention the most remarcable of them?

Have you ever meet the note book about flowers?

What flower would you recommend for the illustration of the book of music notes?

How do you think what composition of words that exists only in separate especially modern or ancient languages could be used internationally, if it would be mentioned?

How many days in a year the botanical garden is opened for public visiting in the night?

Is this dangerous for flowers or do the flowers enjoy night visitors?

How many percents of flowers are blooming only in the night?

Do you know something similar to ice cream from flowers?

Do you collect descriptions of different forms of growing gardens, gardens on the roof, terraces? What is the form of these descriptions?

What phrases would you use in intention to describe the flowers in direction of design of interiors in 20th century?

How the design of lightning inspired by the shapes of the flowers could look in 21 first century like the part of description of the age?

What could be named the reminiscence of this age later?

Is there something in botanical garden that could scare you?

Is there something of this sort in botanical gardens in other countries?

Can you list flowers that you belive to be disgusting and to describe your position?

What a bird since your point of view remind a flower?

What a tree looks like a flower in your view?

December 15, 2018

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