interview about botanical garden

interview about botanical garden"
What items of art you believe to be deserving to be hung in your office?

What is your list of reading that is so representative and important that could be displayed in a frame for visitors of your office?

How do you think why people tend not to build skyscrapers in shape of closed plants, but prefer to build them in form of boxes?

Could it be said that the organization of plants by human is inspired by design in bigger degree than design by plants and flowers?

Has botanical garden been changing or it remains unchanged?

Which examples of mentions of flowers you believe to be the most beautiful?

What mention of flowers or plants in our century is the most elegant?

How do you think is it required in our days to advertise botanical garden on television?

Are you acquainted painters impressionists whose specialization is landscape painting or painting of gardens or painters whose art is equivalent in value or in effect to art that is based on depiction of landscapes or flowers whose art works you consider to be deserving of mention?

How many minutes would take an art movie about sport competitions of impressionists in botanical garden?

Could the botanical garden be described by the word impressionistic?

How do you think can the structure of botanical garden be wide in sense of its territory, for instance, items of landscape design in the botanical garden and gardens on roofs of skyscrappers with office in the skyscrapper?

Is the creation of tremendous botanical gardens which size is equal to the size of natural resorts is possible in this age and rational?

What note passage or fragment of music since your point of view remains flowers?

What are your favorite sounds in botanical garden?

Is rain required for botanical garden?

How behave rains above botanical gardens, are they special? Are they differ from other rains? Do they have something special in their essence?

Is it possible to visit botanical garden in rain?

Does it happened something in botanical garden at the edge of science fiction?

Does it happened something in botanical garden at the edge of events with multitude of meaning that is near to cinematography?

Is it permitted for women, for example, diplomats to walk in botanical garden in high heels shoes?

What achievements would inspire you to suggest to the person to walk by the grass cover in your botanical garden?

What a dream could be seen in the botanical garden by a European?

On which subject you could read a lecture in Univercity?

What is near to botanical garden in its fame?

How would look a sculpture that is the symbol of botanical garden?

What would you like to be mentioned eternally?

In what year the first photograph of botanical garden was created?

October 13, 2018

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