interview on "Still Want You" video by Brandon Flowers

interview on music video "Still Want You"
I would like to ask Brandon Flowers the next questions on his musical video,

Are your costumes which are shown in the video are handmade by dressmaker?

Are they contemporary European or modern Oriental?

How were selected fabrics for your costumes? How long ago?

Are they in colonial or in muslim style?

How many different costumes, men dresses you wear in the video?

Who dressed women in the video?

Was there uttered any particular dresscode for feminine characters? In which words or phrases it can be described?

How long the video was shooting? How many years or days it took?

Are there depicted several men characters or the same heroe in different age?

Are you satisphied with the amounth of women that were shot in the video?

Are female characters expressed for the duration of the video are the same characters?

What we have to wait from you in sence of musical video?

With technical or creative team with which abilities or vision you would like to collaborate? What they have to express?

Is it your new band, new brand and collaboration with "The Killers" was interrupted or the fact of publication of some songs is the way to express any ideas or additional ideas which should not be published under "The Killers" name?

Are music of this video is coloured in different manneer in comparison with other your songs?

September 17, 2018

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