interview on "The Man" video by Brandon Flowers

interview on music video "The Man"
I would like to ask Brandon Flowers the next questions on his musical video,

Is it remenescence of the most famous books, movies about Americans?

How it was shot, is it the most fascinating memorable experiences of some group of people?

How wide is this group?

Could it be said that there is something fantasmagoric in this short film since your point of view?

Could it be said that there are used some mistifications or even multitude of layers of mistifications?

Could it be said that all heroes of this short film in sence of psychological traits are not that what they seems to be?

Are not major heroes highlight the anxiety of situation and atmosphere of the video or major heroes use masquerade costumes?

Can there be listed major and minor heroes of this short film?

Is it about right steps of about not right steps? In which fields?

Is it based on some novel or short story that has not been popular in Europe yet?

September 21, 2018

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