interview on "Still Want You" video by Brandon Flowers

interview on music video "Still Want You"

I would like to ask Brandon Flowers the next questions on his musical video,

How to describe genres of the video?

What are the professions of characters depicted in the video?

What do you like in women which were shot in the video?

What do you like in the selection of images of women which were shot in the video? What made the selection of them for these roles possible?

Do they symbolize symbols in the culture, types of woman, types of professional relations with woman, or types of relations inside business structures?

Could it be said that it is the video about relationship between businesses, ways of doing business.

Was the video inspired by a scene or a moment? What are the situations or what is the durations of moments?

Is it based on your contemplation or on researches of opinions? How the screenplay of this video was created?

Was the video inspired by any particular artwork?

What did you tried to express in video, ideas or feelings?

Why the video is in black and white? was it shot in black and white since its most beginning?

Can the current condition of telecommunicational systems to transmit the fascination of professional video since your point of view?

What are the epithets which spectators who value art use to describe the video? Have anybody describe it by the word cinematographic?

How many books have you read before you shot this video?

September 14, 2018

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