Olga Gubanova. Essay. Weather in June

Olga Gubanova's essay. Weather in june and bureaucracy in Europe<br /> О Верблибене на английском
Weather is so cold that June seems like a continuation of spring.
My spring was filled with wonderful bureaucracy.

I applied documents for a STEP beyond grant in connection with a book of poetry. Russia is in Europe, maybe it isn't in EU, but it is fortunately (or unfortunately?) in Europe. And The European Cultural Foundation was conceived like the institution which is destined to promote and support communication of artists in Europe and integration of the European art.

I received very interesting I would even say contradictory (if you are acquainted with the content of my Step beyond application number 116906) answer from ECF Grants Team, it is just one of the quotes, “...Furthermore, we found your project description rather short and not detailed enough in order for us to see what the topic or the content of your book project would be.”

The most strange thing is not even the fact that the description of my project was long and substantial, but the confusing conception which is uttered in the last part of the mentioned above sentence. Regarding the questioned topic and the content of the book of poetry, I wish I had known how Salman Rushdie would have described the topic and the content of his novel, «The Satanic Verses», if he had been obliged to do so before some institution at the preliminary stage.
What about Nabokov? Kopernik? Michelangelo? Were they poets, was their prose poetic? Yes, they were men. Not women. But it seems one of the purposes of The European Cultural Foundation is also support of underrepresented groups of people. Bizarre grotesque world.

Human societies select their future every second of their being. Every poignant obsessed by «Fifty Shades of Grey» little bureaucrat selects his or her grandsuns' and granddaughters' future every time when he or she sees the word “Russian” and places automatic answer in the body of every next letter.

original copyright © Olga Gubanova 2014

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