Olga Gubanova. Essay. The West Wind

Olga Gubanova's poetry. The West Wind<br /> О Верблибене на английском
The West Wind

The west wind, cold like ice,
malicious gusts,
25 meters per second,
like the north one,
answers to the definition of storm.
It has been blowing from yesterday
and was accompanied by a fierce rain.
In a night it howled.
And it sounded
like despondent Mongolian cries at times.
Mournful cries of Mongolian warriors
which twice tried to conquer Japan
from the sea and wind twice
sheltered the islands
from Mongolian ships
and tortured the ships.
As if it stole cries
from 12th century and offered them me.
It reminds an omen.
The Japanese Association of University Women
didn't award my application
by the JAUW International Fellowship Program
for this year.
Leaves of a maple
became red and yellow
at the ends of branches
in the night.
June, sixteenth, two thousand fourteen

original copyright © Olga Gubanova 2014

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