Introduction / BLUEjeansWITHblueCORNFLOWERS

“When ships to sail the void between the stars have been built, there will step forth men to sail these ships.”
– Johannes Kepler

“If you let slip time, like a neglected rose it withers on the stalk with languished head.”
– John Milton

“I develop skills every year. Every year I suppose I am more capable than I used to be, I am more able to express what I want to, I am less limited in it.”
– Helen Folasade Adu

“I read enough, so I know I love when people create with the word, turning it into something more than a mere sentence, more than just a simple idea – that it resonates in some way beyond its mere existence as a word.”
– Peter Eisenman

“... leave it to the literary archaeologists to exhume the rest.”
– Michel Houellebecq

[last revised: March 15, 2014]

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