Olga Gubanova. Essay. Still Life

The essay of Olga Gubanova about Still Life
Still Life

One. A black cat with pistachio yellow eyes drinking water from a cut-glass, quite possibly your glass because it is situated on your white writing desk. Quite possibly you even for all these years have been drinking water from his glasses and green tea with sugar from his cups. He looks at you while drinking. Two. The black cat with the transparent plate filled with apricots on a piano. He smells them like flowers. An aesthete. Thinks about all fragrances of orange and Rene Magritte. Three. The black cat among the elongated silk pillows decorated by flamboyant lines and flowers and with all sorts of metallic buttons. He, black, is on a white and black closed keyboard, like the black volumetric metaphor of piano, soft paws, stays, like a silent sound, and at the same time he is between them. I guess he thinks about radiant grass.

original copyright © Olga Gubanova 2013

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