Olga Gubanova. Essay. Ephemeral Design of Marco Piva (Studio Marco Piva). Saint Petersburg Design Week 2013

The essay of Olga Gubanova about Ephemeral Design of Marco Piva (Studio Marco Piva), Saint Petersburg Design Week 2013

Part II
24 May 2013

“A skyscraper which could become a vase”

Ephemeral Design of Marco Piva (Studio Marco Piva)
in the Nevskaya Courtine of the St. Peter and Paul Fortress
with the collaboration of PRO ARTE Foundation for Culture and Arts

Marco Piva visits Saint Petersburg Design Week for the third time. This time he discussed studio's philosophy and the next items of it's master planning, architectural renovation, interior and landscape design, lighting and window concept design:

The master plan of the City of Beijing at the bank of Yellow River in China

It's glass and metallic cityscape separated from natural green elements of environment (although it was conceived not to be separated) vaguely and strangely reminds of the Italian landscapes.
An interesting fact: Studio Marco Piva was challenged to create the project which would allow to build 7 floors of a skyscraper per day.

The private villa at Como Lake in Italy

A building enters a garden that penetrates the building. It slightly resembles the dream of Alice in “Through the Looking-Glass”. The photos of the project were quoted by more than 200 magazines around the world.

The design of showcases for Bulgari

The authors were inspired by the purity of lines of the vicious and elongated images of Jeanne Hebuterne on the masterpieces of Amedeo Modigliani (Modigliani or Modigliani and Hebuterne?). The firm developed the design of the family of white and black metallic ceramic forms and lamps that became the perfect medium for jewellery and accessories and the cold anthropomorphous lonely models with almost alive almost warm luminescent skin since point of view of spectators floating through the cold or sultry dusk of so many cities of the Earth.
The mysterious decorated by jewellery vessels with their appearance of objects crafted manually. Almost like a woman.

The project of the Bulgari Pavilion 2013 at Basel in Switzerland at the Watch and Jewellery Show (April 25th - May 2nd)

The studio discussed philosophically and visually the idea of so perceptible and indescribable, so important and so transient time. The supporting planes inside every decorative column of the building were separated and the windows with watches were placed inside.
At least at the current stage of the evolution of mankind the importance of architecture for time in the long term is proved even more than the importance of time for architecture in the long term.

The unusual for design (and habitual for renovation) direction of the development of an idea. From photography, primary object, to sculpture, new primary object

The sculpture of the blue beautifully folded decorated by rings hands for Milan Design Week was based on the vintage Bulgari's advertising photo of Fabrizio Ferri and was created for the celebration of 14th anniversary of iconic B.zero1 design and the art installation in the ancient private gardens of Bulgari Hotel Milan.

“And all the same a woman became a vase in 21th century, but it is closed.

original copyright © Olga Gubanova 2013
© Ольга Губанова 2013
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