Olga Gubanova's photograph / Change of Seasons - Replacement of Favourites

Olga Gubanova's photograph Change of Seasons

There is the strange combination of symbols in the different corners of the picture. Probably you can hear music.
You might discover here Angel ou Demon by Givenchy, edition of 2007, and J'Ose by Jose Eisenberg (which means “I dare”). Gin Bombay Sapphire and Martini Bianco. Four silver rings. Bowie's “The Next Day” limited edition and “Girolamo Frescobaldi and Louis Couperin, harpsichord” by Gustav Leonhardt. “Dappled Things” by Robin Chapman and Peter Miller. The elusive Norwegian Dragon behind the translucent panel at the wall above the white sofa like those sofas which were in 2013 in Enric Miralles's Scottish parliament. The dragon was created by me in 2007. Art books dedicated to Gustav Klimt, Claude Monet and Russian impressionists in 1920-1930. Some magazines on architecture. Something inside the big folder covered by blue berries. “Influential Saint Petersburg State University Graduates” book. Details.
Probably the most important thing is in the center. It is:

“Change of Seasons”
© Olga Gubanova 2013
(Private collection, Saint Petersburg)

I am especially proud because this art work belongs to the person who has done a lot for the beauty of this city.

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