Olga Gubanova's Essay / The Tweed Run in Saint Petersburg

The essay of Olga Gubanova about The Tweed Run in Saint Petersburg
19 July 2014

“Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien”
by Edith Piaf

The third Saint Petersburg Tweed Run happened on July 19, 2014. Almost the middle of summer, almost daytime. Firstly, it was raining, then the temperature raised to +26°C, cameras showed 32° in the sun. 450 registered participants. The most trained ones are able to control themselves in any circumstances, they looked pretty fine at the start. Flowers in baskets also were fine. At the finish everybody looked as if it was +26°C and felt like 32° in the sun.

The original Tweed Run is a bicycle vintage attire-themed ride through the centre of London. Petersburg's edition also winds through the historical center, however in comparison with London's performance the topic of our Tweed Run and evening party in this year was altered, it was fashion of Paris in the 1940s.

It was a war period and later the time when France and its people recovered after the war. Of course, if French fashion in 1940s had looked this way, German troops would have never left Paris. Probably German forces would have never visited any other places in this world apart from Paris. But somehow French women in 1940s in spite of any later interpretations managed to keep balance (in fashion) and to control a situation.

And if there had been so many French men at the streets of Paris in 1940s like for the time of this ride, French women would have never opted for wearing transparent stockings.

The finish was at the intersection of Zamkovaya and Klenovaya streets in the public garden near Saint Michael's Castle. There are different levels of participation, I arrived at the picnic at the finish and contemplated flamboyantly decorated bikes and enthusiastic and creative people who won bowties. And girls won bowties as well!

Below is my saved for forthcoming generations look in style of Paris 1940s. Believe it or not, the thinnest dark-brown gloves with a small fringe and a purple clutch bag Mark by Marc Jacobs are hidden among flowers.

The Tweed Run's Look / © Olga Gubanova 2014

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