interview about botanical garden

interview about botanical garden"
How in your view the breakfast in botanical garden would appear?

How the song about flowers should look?

How the movie about flowers should look since your point of view?

How the small cake about flowers with big amounth of cream in your botanical garden could look?

How the small cake from flowers could look?

How the recipe of the small cake from flowers could look?

What would be the fabule of the detective novel about flowers since point of view of your different employees?

Do you provide international grants or international competitions, for example, the house at the edge of botanical garden for a screenwriter, a scenographer, an architect, a sculptor or a painter for a year?

Do you have the collection of favorite illustrations about flowers, could you mention the most remarcable of them?

Have you ever meet the note book about flowers?

What flower would you recommend for the illustration of the book of music notes?

How do you think what composition of words that exists only in separate especially modern or ancient languages could be used internationally, if it would be mentioned?

How many days in a year the botanical garden is opened for public visiting in the night?

Is this dangerous for flowers or do the flowers enjoy night visitors?

How many percents of flowers are blooming only in the night?

Do you know something similar to ice cream from flowers?

Do you collect descriptions of different forms of growing gardens, gardens on the roof, terraces? What is the form of these descriptions?

What phrases would you use in intention to describe the flowers in direction of design of interiors in 20th century?

How the design of lightning inspired by the shapes of the flowers could look in 21 first century like the part of description of the age?

What could be named the reminiscence of this age later?

Is there something in botanical garden that could scare you?

Is there something of this sort in botanical gardens in other countries?

Can you list flowers that you belive to be disgusting and to describe your position?

What a bird since your point of view remind a flower?

What a tree looks like a flower in your view?

December 15, 2018

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interview to Brandon Flowers

interview to Brandon Flowers
In search of what would you organize the competition of short movie screenplays with proposal to shot one video?

In what context would you mention interesting professional facts about you in a movie about a beautiful woman?

What would you say after event if an extremely famous filmmaker would have proposed you to watch a movie of a standard duration about just two ideas, an increadibly beautiful woman who loves cactuses?

What invitations on the international exhibitions would describe your music career, probably its technical aspects and scenography?

Where do your search really actual information for your career?

How many time in a year do you pay to describing your stage costumes and their elements on paper?

How do you order your stage costumes, how many technical details are described in a document?

What would you do, would you organize the exhibition of placats and posters or you would publish a book on their design?

Your music decorates a lot of movies, how many filmmakers proposed you a role in a movie in this connection?

How modern filmmakers propose to play a role in a movie in your part of the world today? What are the sequences of proposals, the places, the scenes? Could any film director shot a movie about this procedure?

What do you think about different terms that describe music?

Have you read about illustrative qualities of music if not how do you think how many years later the first book about this will be published?

What words describing music are the most beautiful in your view?

How do you think, does your music illustrate the movies?

Does your music resemble in this sence a book?

December 8, 2018

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interview about botanical garden

interview about botanical garden"
What items of art you believe to be deserving to be hung in your office?

What is your list of reading that is so representative and important that could be displayed in a frame for visitors of your office?

How do you think why people tend not to build skyscrapers in shape of closed plants, but prefer to build them in form of boxes?

Could it be said that the organization of plants by human is inspired by design in bigger degree than design by plants and flowers?

Has botanical garden been changing or it remains unchanged?

Which examples of mentions of flowers you believe to be the most beautiful?

What mention of flowers or plants in our century is the most elegant?

How do you think is it required in our days to advertise botanical garden on television?

Are you acquainted painters impressionists whose specialization is landscape painting or painting of gardens or painters whose art is equivalent in value or in effect to art that is based on depiction of landscapes or flowers whose art works you consider to be deserving of mention?

How many minutes would take an art movie about sport competitions of impressionists in botanical garden?

Could the botanical garden be described by the word impressionistic?

How do you think can the structure of botanical garden be wide in sense of its territory, for instance, items of landscape design in the botanical garden and gardens on roofs of skyscrappers with office in the skyscrapper?

Is the creation of tremendous botanical gardens which size is equal to the size of natural resorts is possible in this age and rational?

What note passage or fragment of music since your point of view remains flowers?

What are your favorite sounds in botanical garden?

Is rain required for botanical garden?

How behave rains above botanical gardens, are they special? Are they differ from other rains? Do they have something special in their essence?

Is it possible to visit botanical garden in rain?

Does it happened something in botanical garden at the edge of science fiction?

Does it happened something in botanical garden at the edge of events with multitude of meaning that is near to cinematography?

Is it permitted for women, for example, diplomats to walk in botanical garden in high heels shoes?

What achievements would inspire you to suggest to the person to walk by the grass cover in your botanical garden?

What a dream could be seen in the botanical garden by a European?

On which subject you could read a lecture in Univercity?

What is near to botanical garden in its fame?

How would look a sculpture that is the symbol of botanical garden?

What would you like to be mentioned eternally?

In what year the first photograph of botanical garden was created?

October 13, 2018

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interview about botanical garden

interview about botanical garden"
How in your view the breakfast in botanical garden would appear?

What the most unusual your employees have been doing in the last year?

Where else and in what else places or situations apart from botanical garden did you see flowers in philosophical sence in the last year?

What a book about flowers you can recommend and to the man of which age you would recommend it?

How scenic theater play in the garden would look since your point of view?

What scenic play you would agree to perform in botanical garden?

How botanical garden function? Are there employees of any unusual professions, for instance, cartographers, who develop the maps of botanical garden in every time of the year, employees who describe the appearance of plants in intention to reconstruct their image several thousands years later by description, designers by image of stones of alpine and rocks in botanical garden?

Would you organize engraving of verses on stones that decorate mountains in the garden?

Would it change since your point of view the quality of sound in the garden?

Are unusual poetic researches in botanical garden performed, such as songs and manner of singing of which songs of birds are appreciated by flowering trees the most. Would you like to tell about such achievements?

With how many countries do you collaborate and how do you cooperate?

What would be the exhibition that you would allow to conduct in botanical garden?

What the most gentle happened in botanical garden about what you could say to public in intention to force people not to be afraid to visit botanical garden even in most grievous situations?

Is there anything about botanical garden that almost everybody in the city knows, but isn't known abroad, for instance, there was invented the design of fabric the most appreciated by modern designers or the collection of jewels?

Who manage the direction of design of tablets? Is this person and his or her activity in botanical garden belongs to industry and field of design?

Could you every season describe botanical garden by different epithets?

In which phrases it can be described eternally?

How do you think what a book about flowers could read a statue?

How do you think what a book about flowers would like to read a cat?

Could it be said that your vision in description of plants belongs to the conception of aesthetics in landscape?

Do you collaborate with technical high schools that answer on questions about physics of plants?

How botanical garden looks in winter?

Is it being cleared out from snow in winter?

How snow in winter smell in botanical garden? Does it smell by flowers? Does it contain petals of flowers? What do you do with such snow?

Who is your favorite photographer? Could you tell us about your favorite photograph?

September 27, 2018

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interview on "The Man" video by Brandon Flowers

interview on music video "The Man"
I would like to ask Brandon Flowers the next questions on his musical video,

Is it remenescence of the most famous books, movies about Americans?

How it was shot, is it the most fascinating memorable experiences of some group of people?

How wide is this group?

Could it be said that there is something fantasmagoric in this short film since your point of view?

Could it be said that there are used some mistifications or even multitude of layers of mistifications?

Could it be said that all heroes of this short film in sence of psychological traits are not that what they seems to be?

Are not major heroes highlight the anxiety of situation and atmosphere of the video or major heroes use masquerade costumes?

Can there be listed major and minor heroes of this short film?

Is it about right steps of about not right steps? In which fields?

Is it based on some novel or short story that has not been popular in Europe yet?

September 21, 2018

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interview on "Still Want You" video by Brandon Flowers

interview on music video "Still Want You"
I would like to ask Brandon Flowers the next questions on his musical video,

Are your costumes which are shown in the video are handmade by dressmaker?

Are they contemporary European or modern Oriental?

How were selected fabrics for your costumes? How long ago?

Are they in colonial or in muslim style?

How many different costumes, men dresses you wear in the video?

Who dressed women in the video?

Was there uttered any particular dresscode for feminine characters? In which words or phrases it can be described?

How long the video was shooting? How many years or days it took?

Are there depicted several men characters or the same heroe in different age?

Are you satisphied with the amounth of women that were shot in the video?

Are female characters expressed for the duration of the video are the same characters?

What we have to wait from you in sence of musical video?

With technical or creative team with which abilities or vision you would like to collaborate? What they have to express?

Is it your new band, new brand and collaboration with "The Killers" was interrupted or the fact of publication of some songs is the way to express any ideas or additional ideas which should not be published under "The Killers" name?

Are music of this video is coloured in different manneer in comparison with other your songs?

September 17, 2018

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interview on "Still Want You" video by Brandon Flowers

interview on music video "Still Want You"

I would like to ask Brandon Flowers the next questions on his musical video,

How to describe genres of the video?

What are the professions of characters depicted in the video?

What do you like in women which were shot in the video?

What do you like in the selection of images of women which were shot in the video? What made the selection of them for these roles possible?

Do they symbolize symbols in the culture, types of woman, types of professional relations with woman, or types of relations inside business structures?

Could it be said that it is the video about relationship between businesses, ways of doing business.

Was the video inspired by a scene or a moment? What are the situations or what is the durations of moments?

Is it based on your contemplation or on researches of opinions? How the screenplay of this video was created?

Was the video inspired by any particular artwork?

What did you tried to express in video, ideas or feelings?

Why the video is in black and white? was it shot in black and white since its most beginning?

Can the current condition of telecommunicational systems to transmit the fascination of professional video since your point of view?

What are the epithets which spectators who value art use to describe the video? Have anybody describe it by the word cinematographic?

How many books have you read before you shot this video?

September 14, 2018

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