Olga Gubanova's article / Paolo Pellegrin. Convergence of Desires

Olga Gubanova's article, Paolo Pellegrin. Convergence of Desires

© Paolo Pellegrin / Magnum Photos 2005

We were given the honor and the privilege to work with The Saint Petersburg Photographer Magazine. I am an attentive observer of their work for at least two years. Jonathan Barnbrook once said that work you wanted to do would find you, but you had to show the work you wanted to do in the first place. Happy that several of so many existing trajectories have finally intersected. I am so grateful that they have finally found me.
Please, have a look, read it, like it, share it. It is in Russian, but I believe you do can read it. The article is dedicated to Paolo Pellegrin.
Three apples fell from the heavens, the first one went to the writer, other one to a reader, the last one to the person who understood. It usually happens in this way in Armenian fairy tales.

Друзья, журнал Петербургский фотограф, статусное петербургское издание, опубликовал мою статью “Паоло Пеллегрин. Конвергенция Желаний”. Если вы пока ещё не видели эту страницу, я рекомендую пройти по ссылке.
И мне нравится эта фраза: как всегда, с неба упали три яблока; одно досталось тому, кто написал, другое — тому, кто прочитал, третье — тому, кто понял. Она почти что из старинной армянской сказки.


Olga Gubanova. Essay. On happy numbers, books and time

Olga Gubanova's essay about happy numbers, books and time


Thirteen was Maya's beloved number, it was believed to be happy, it was connected with positive changes. The next equally beautiful opportunity to change something will be correspondingly every 100 and 1000 years later. We are also there.

Some people believe that past and future don't exist, that only present is real. But it is almost impossible for a person of my profession to believe that the future isn't predefined, it is predefined and also shaped by our actions. The past can't exist if it is improbable. The future can't be achieved if it is unbelievable. And the past is also unfinished otherwise it won't require to be saved so emphatically. How (and why) otherwise the past and the present can be analyzed, if the future couldn't be predicted, how otherwise it can be predicted influenced and formed with acceptable probability of success? So there is the past, the present and the future. There are many roads and many landmarks. But these three aspects of reality exist simultaneously.

So in these two months I was engrossed by forming premises.

Meanwhile, I received a book with my work and tear sheets. Although all three times exist simultaneously, it is interesting that there couldn't be another book “Best of Photography 2013” and there will have never been other photographs which will be secured by the title of describing them book as the best photographs of 2013, the year of positive changes.

The next equally beautiful opportunity to change something will be in 2113 and 3013 correspondingly. I am here. But if you are reading this at least in 2113, then the past, the present and the future do exist simultaneously.

original copyright © ∞ Olga Gubanova 2014

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